Why we don’t typically participate in RFPs

ArticlesMarch 24, 20222 Minutes

We understand that RFPs have their place and purpose.

However, when it comes to branding or marketing RFPs, they can be really challenging for our industry.

A good design and marketing agency knows that there is not a one size fits all approach in developing a brand, appealing to a target market, creating a website, or solving a communications challenge – these all require unique, strategic solutions. And the struggle with branding and marketing RFPs is that we are not able to have conversations with you.

Sure there is typically an ‘allowance’ period to ask questions after it’s been sent out but those questions don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what we need to know about your company, your goals, your history, and all the nitty-gritty details we like to uncover that come out during our initial discussions.

We believe in open communication

Studio Locale works to reinforce the project understanding by working together through conversation and discovery meetings before providing potential approaches. Our process is designed for the best outcome based on your wants and needs balanced with your goals and budget. Understanding all of this is critical before we can start, and while most RFPs highlight many of the requirements there are often nuances to what is being asked for that need a discussion to sort out. Without that conversation, teams will make assumptions as to what you are looking for which can lead to added scope or incomplete deliverables in the end. And no one likes it when that happens.

We are transformative

We work with organizations, groups, and other businesses who are looking for change and want to do things differently to get to the next level. That level of success requires working with a team who is invested and committed to seeing you succeed – digging beyond surface-level solutions that are only thinking short-term.

If this approach sounds appealing to you, we would be more than happy to start a conversation about what you are looking for and how we might work together on your project.