Increasing our GHG reduction target to 60%

UpdatesFebruary 21, 20241 Minutes

Setting the bar higher: Increasing our GHG reduction target to 60%

In January this year, we officially increased our greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target from 20% to 60% to further our accountability in doing our part in contributing to a sustainable future, In 2022 Studio Locale formally pledged, as a member of Sustainable Waterloo Region, to reduce the impact we have on our community and environment.

“When we realized how the changes to our working model impacted our carbon footprint, it seemed only appropriate to push ourselves a bit more to see what additional tactics we could implement. The increase in our reduction target keeps us accountable. It also forces us to use our creative muscles for ways we can continue making a positive impact.

Most importantly, we made these changes without any negative impact on our business, client relationships or team culture.

If we’re serious about hitting the carbon reduction targets for our region and global community, then we all need to look at how we can contribute. It’s making meaningful changes that will get us to our goals.”

Robin Mondor, Managing Partner

Read Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Official Announcement Here