The value of having a strategic plan for your company

InsightOctober 21, 20163 Minutes

Having a solid, strategic plan for your company is hands down one of the most important steps before diving further into communications and marketing activities.

It is the foundation of everything that will come next. And we know that what we’re about to talk about is easier said than done.

We work with companies on their branding and communications efforts using design and marketing. It is with some authority that we can say without a plan in place, supported by facts and analytics to help guide business decisions, you are basically throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

We have seen this method “work” for people again and again. It can be true that a great idea accompanied by some hustle and hard work can get you pretty far. It’s absolutely true, though, that in most cases you are not your audience. If you haven’t done the work to get to know everything you can about who actually buys your product or service and why. You are running entirely on what you think to be true rather than what is true. A plateau or decline in sales is often inevitable.

Building your plan from a place of strategy is really about breaking free of the status quo. Although it may be that status quo that got you to where you are, it’s going to be the strategic decisions made to grow beyond your company’s plateau that will make the difference. It’s for this reason that we ask our clients, again and again, to get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. It’s in these moments of discomfort that true strategy happens.

As designers and communicators, we are asking our clients to trust us with their livelihoods. We are asking them to trust that we can see beyond what they see and that we can help them grow. It may not happen overnight, but you will learn to become comfortable pushing the boundaries. From there It’s a short jump to real and lasting results.

If you no longer want to risk dropping spaghetti on the floor, then it’s time to connect. Our team would love to help build a strategic plan that works for you!