Simply Perfect Case Study

June 15, 2022In WorkBy Studio Locale

Reinforcing a local consumer product with an e-commerce website and digital campaign

The Backstory:

Simply Perfect is an off-shoot brand of Custom Foam Systems, a local Kitchener company who has 50 years of foam engineering experience. They came to us to help design and develop a new e-commerce website, visual language and messaging, and a 360 degree, multi-channel marketing plan to help them launch their upgraded Simply Perfect Mattresses. Their goal was to reach new customers within the region to choose a Simply Perfect mattress over other in-market foam mattresses.

What We Delivered:

With an existing name and logo that they were happy with, we began with completing their visual brand and messaging. A solid colour palette and brand narrative rounded out the brand and gave us the foundation to build an e-commerce website.

The website introduced this hidden Waterloo Region gem, showcasing their foam technology and expertise built over the years. With four sizes to choose from, along with custom mattress orders, the website integrates with their in-store ordering process and inventory system.

Following the launch of the website, our team rolled out the media plan. For their launch, advertising channels included radio ads, Google Ads, and targeted display ads to both build brand awareness and bring sales traffic to the website.

The Results:

Launched during the pandemic as a means to fill the gap from lost in-store sales, the Simply Perfect brand is getting out there. As there is never a silver bullet, and with other strategic factors at play, sales have been steady and brand awareness is increasing with more social media followers joining each month since the new website was completed and the marketing campaign began.

The team now has the tools to support growth of this amazing product and we’re excited to see where they end up taking the brand.




Brand messaging, website, digital media campaign, brand management

Project Team

Moayad Farah
Erynn Hayden
Truc Hoang
Philip Mondor
Robin Mondor


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