Shahir Case Study

June 14, 2022In WorkBy Studio Locale

The Challenge

Shahir is a Halal food brand deeply rooted in Vancouver, British Columbia looking to expand their reach from a regional player to a national brand. To support this goal, they came to Studio Locale to refresh its brand identity, packaging, and website so as to reflect the integrity of the food itself. It was important for the identity to present Shahir as a premium, established, quality brand, which aligns with the authentic Halal process their products undergo. It was also important that the identity be visually memorable, allow for growth and expansion within the Muslim community across North America.

What we delivered

Identity and Packaging

Within the food industry, packaging isn’t just a vehicle to help transport the products from the store to a consumer’s home. It can be a powerful communication tool used by companies to visually tell their brand story and to differentiate their products from the competition. 

Designing food packaging requires a lot of effort and attention to detail. There are different steps and elements involved in the process, from product photography (which requires both a professional food photographer and stylist), to understanding and complying with the specific food label requirements (in Canada this includes bilingual labelling, claims, statements, nutritional info, and ingredients), and finally to rolling out the approved direction across multiple product lines, which may include various shapes and sizes of packaging. 

We told the story of Shahir through their packaging; about their commitment to Halal tradition and producing natural and premium quality products. It’s about being able to trust that Shahir products will make every meal, special occasion, and community event a flavourful one. And, it’s about Shahir’s dedication to following all Halal requirements, which ensures the utmost integrity throughout the processing stage.


In this day and age websites are very much a critical part of a company’s marketing strategy. Customers want to be able to go to a familiar place online and find all of the information they may need about the brand, products or services, along with how and where to purchase. More than that, designing and building a brand website as part of brand storytelling is a powerful approach that businesses can use to define and establish brand love and loyalty.

We built Shahir’s website with its brand story at the heart of it. Shahir’s story is about a commitment to Halal tradition and premium quality, naturally. Every page on the new website delivers the message that Shahir has an unwavering commitment to providing quality Halal food choices with integrity. When consumers choose Shahir they never have to compromise on taste or tradition. They can trust Shahir products to make every meal, special occasion, and community event a flavourful one.

The Results

With a successful brand relaunch, Shahir products can be found on the shelves of select Halal grocery stores and national grocery chains.


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Project Team

Erynn Hayden
Truc Hoang
Jessica McLachlan
Anson LeClair
Philip Mondor


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