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Need More Sales, Leads or Donations?

If your website isn’t delivering the steady stream of new leads, purchases or donations that you need, you’re not alone. These days, there’s a ton of competition and having a great website isn’t enough to get in front of the right customers.

Your brand needs greater exposure online so potential clients who are looking for your product or service are directed to your site and encouraged to interact with you.


There are many ways you can build website traffic to help increase your brand awareness, sales, leads or donations, as well as achieving your goals and contributing to your bottom line. Depending on your needs, we can help you develop and execute a complete digital marketing plan or provide expert support in these areas:


“I don’t click on ads. Nobody clicks on ads.”
The truth is people do click on ads, but only when the ad is relevant to them. Let’s pretend it’s the middle of the summer and your air conditioning is on the fritz in the middle of a heat wave. You decide to search for ‘air conditioner repair companies’ and see a number of results on the first page. But even before getting to the real search results, you notice there’s companies listed at the top of the page with ads that read “24/7 emergency repairs, same day service guaranteed”. Odds are you notice these ads and you’re more likely to click them because they help you solve your problem. The right digital campaign targets people searching for the problem your company solves and you only pay when potential customers click on that advertised offering.

“Isn’t digital marketing expensive?”
When done right, digital marketing is an investment that helps your business achieve its goals. The first step in any campaign is figuring out what the average customer is worth to your business. This helps you establish a reasonable budget for your marketing spend. Starting with a small campaign that focuses on one product or service is a great way to test the waters with a smaller investment. Once your campaign is delivering results, it’s easy to increase your budget and get bigger results. We can help you with a small, managed campaign starting as low as $1,000.

“How do I know my investment is doing well?”
You need to know that your money is well spent. Most digital marketing is easily tracked allowing you to see how it contributes to the bottom line. We set up custom online conversion tracking and reports so you can identify the value your campaign is delivering (such as how many people visited your website by clicking your ad, how many filled in a contact form or even clicked on your phone number using their phone). This tracking also allows us to improve the conversion process of prospects into customers over time.

“What about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing?”
A well-optimized site often appears higher in search results for many target terms, but it’s impossible to place highly for all the terms potential customers search for. Optimizing for search requires a number of tactics, but what it really comes down to is offering a great experience for visitors by providing website content that answers their questions. Writing content that specifically targets the problems your customers are having is a great way to make your site more appealing and receive recommendations from search engines. There is an upfront cost to developing effective search optimized content, however when this content is complete and placing well in search engines, it can be continuously relied on to bring in new visitors without ongoing cost. When your website can’t rank for all the terms that you’d like to, search advertising is great way to attract new customers.

Online Advertising

Google AdWords (paid search advertising)

  • Ideal for placing higher in search engine ranking for the top terms your target customers are using to find your products or services, as well as attracting more visitors that are unfamiliar with your brand
  • Allows you to compete for customers online who use search terms your site doesn’t naturally rank high for
  • Only targets prospects looking for your type of product or service right at the time they’re looking for it making the ad timely and cost effective
  • Can help you get noticed in a highly competitive industry

Display Ads (paid online advertising)

  • Builds awareness for new products, service offerings or promotions on other websites that your target demographic visits
  • Provides you with advertising channels you may not have been able to afford before (e.g. you may not be able to afford a print ad in the Globe & Mail, but you can afford a pay-per-click ad that is served up on their website)

 (paid online advertising)

  • This keeps visitors who aren’t ready to buy aware of your product or service and brand after they leave your website by following their online activity with ads so you’re top-of-mind when they’re ready to buy

Website Enhancements

Creating Special Website Landing Page(s) to Support a Digital Campaign

  • This approach drives visitors from your online ad to special landing pages designed to convert them to customers or longer-term prospects (by getting permission to keep in touch with them)

Optimizing Website Content for Better Natural Ranking

  • Google loves (and gives preference to) websites that do a great job of answering customer questions and providing a good user experience. By enhancing the content on your website to include answers to common customer questions or problems, as well as key terms prospects would use to find that kind of information, more visitors will be attracted to your site.

Adding More Website Content for Promotion

  • By continually adding helpful information to your website such as articles, blog posts or videos to name a few, you’re seen as a thought and/or industry leader which supports your brand and builds awareness
  • These types of content are ideal for promoting on social media, YouTube and email newsletters to generate interest in your brand and drive traffic back to your website


Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking

  • Setting up analytics and tracking is an easy way to measure how your advertising or promotional activities are performing (as you can see exactly how many people are coming to your site as a result of an ad, e-news blast or social post and what action they’re taking once they get there)
  • It can provide invaluable data by showing exactly how the ad is contributing to your bottom line by measuring how many visitors converted into a warm lead or actual customer through their actions on your website (e.g. sending email inquiries, dialing your number on mobile phone or making an online purchase)
  • It also shows how visitors are interacting with your site once they arrive there so you can use this information as a helpful assessment tool to guide website enhancements to improve your customers’ user experience

Here is the process we typically go through when developing a brand:

  1. Understanding Your Business
  2. Market Research & Competitive Review
  3. Strategic Marketing Recommendations
  4. Strategic Brand Plan, Naming 
& Tagline Development
  5. Key Messaging
  6. Timeline, Budget & Advertising Planning

“I have been working with Bessie and her team for several years. Their work is thoughtfully designed and executed, and the team is professional, attentive, responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

Chris Lee, Director Marketing and Communications, Visual Sports


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