Design is much morethan just styling.

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It’s not uncommon for people to think that design is solely the act of making something look pretty. At Studio Locale, we don’t agree with that.

While communications and marketing materials certainly need to look good, their main purpose is to clearly convey an idea or a message effectively, and drive the desired call to action or outcome. Just because they look to be ‘on trend’ doesn’t mean that they are doing what they need to or will be successful.

The science and art behind great design

Communication materials need to present their message simply – but simple doesn’t mean quick or easy. Great design is very much strategic and considers the intention of the brand or project, visual balance, the audience, flow and rhythm. It then balances that with the artful side – a certain charm, a smart twist, or an unexpected flare that allows a brand to own it as indisputably theirs.

This blending of design and art is what creates memorable brands, campaigns and communications. When you have a well thought out visual appearance you can carry it through all of your touchpoints and build brand recognition.

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