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AODA Accessibility Audits and Accessibility Testing


You Need an Accessible Website, We Can Help.

Too many organizations in Ontario develop new websites without realizing they must be accessible.

Ontario companies and organizations with more than 49 employees are required to make their website accessible to meet Ontario’s multi-phase accessibility laws. Even if your company is smaller than 49, an accessible website can be good for business as one in seven Ontarians has a disability.

If your current website wasn’t built with accessibility in mind it most-likely doesn’t meet Ontario’s standards. We’ll help you identify if your existing website meets accessibility requirements. If it doesn’t, we’ll create a plan and provide support to get you there.

When creating a new website you need to plan for accessibility from the start and ensure it’s a key consideration at every phase of development. We include accessibility throughout our design process for new sites.

Accessibility Consulting Services

Website and application auditing

Accessibility testing

Accessible website planning and strategy

Ongoing accessibility monitoring

Accessibility Consulting Services

Support and training for content authors

Accessible web and graphic design

Accessible web and application development

Accessible PDF auditing and creation


Companies and organizations with 50+ employees operating in Ontario must provide a WGAG A compliant site under AODA. This applies to new public sites created or significantly updated after 2012. By 2021 all sites for the same sized organizations in the province of Ontario will need to be WCAG AA compliant regardless of when built.


Every site is different and the techniques required to make each site accessible can vary. We’ll test your site by performing an audit and delivering a comprehensive report. If any issues are identified we’ll provide recommendations to make your site accessible and help implement any required changes.


Special attention needs to be paid to many areas when creating a new site, these include: design, development, writing, content entry, training and testing. Based on these requirements you should expect a new accessible site to cost a bit more. To learn more about our process for designing a new accessible site, visit our custom web design page.


We’ve helped more than 300 organizations with their marketing, design and web development needs. Bring our 20 years of experience to your next project.

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