Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

InsightJune 12, 20234 Minutes

Building marketing campaigns that change with the seasons

Having consistent marketing throughout the year definitely helps in building brand awareness and driving sales. When you build marketing campaigns that change with the seasons, it’s a smart way to leverage naturally occurring events or buying trends over the year.  It also can help make the most of your marketing budget and have a positive impact on your ROI.

What seasonal changes to make?

Your strongest season will depend on your individual business. So your individual marketing campaigns should be based on your yearly demand and sales fluctuations. There are so many considerations to look at when you’re building your campaigns. What works for one organization may not work for another, so you need to look at your specific business and build what makes sense for you. As you create your marketing campaigns, here are some of the key elements to look at and how you can change them over the course of the year.

Changes to your messaging

Making updates to your messaging can be a quick way to keep your ads relevant and your audience engaged as the seasons change. It can reflect features/benefits during peak purchase times, build brand awareness and trigger future purchase planning, recognize special events or celebrations – whatever will resonate with your target audience and aligns with your brand.

Changes to your media channels

As you plan the media channels you will use over the year, having an understanding of where your target audience will be can help you determine which ones are best when. You should consider where your target market can discover your product or services, and when they will need it. When are your clients actively searching for your solution vs. when it’s more effective to build brand awareness for future purchases? What marketing channels best support any seasonal goals? Now’s the time to consider all of the channels – digital media, traditional media, video, print, and radio ads. There may be some hidden opportunities to connect with your customers.

Changes to the frequency

Similar to considering which channels make the most sense, how often ads should be presented can also help optimize your marketing ROI. Ramping up before and during a busy sales season and then adjusting to maintain brand awareness on the off season is an efficient use of marketing dollars.

Changes to your visuals

Your visual brand can be one of your strongest assets when it comes to brand recognition. Giving it a seasonal lift or shift can be an effective way to grab your customers attention in the midst of the usual visual stimulation.

Changes to your promotions

Outside of your media elements, you can also look at running special promotions leading up to and during your peak season. In addition to straight price savings, you can also consider cross-promotions with other companies that compliment your products or services. Running ads, email campaigns or dropping flyers are some of the channels to let your customers know of any seasonal offers.