Brand development, visual identity, website and more for an industry re-shaping financing enabler



MarshallZehr has reinvented the financing of the construction and development industry, providing a more effective and faster way to access capital and maximize profit. Through their holistic approach, MarshallZehr creates efficient and flexible financing frameworks to elevate opportunities that may have previously been hidden. Matching business opportunities with the right lender profiles ensures success for borrower and lender. 


Working with Paul Consulting Inc. we started with the development of their narrative and messaging language. As the foundation of the project, it provided the answer to “Who is MarshallZehr and how are they different?”, integral questions to answer before we could start building any of the visual pieces.
With a thorough understanding of what MarshallZehr provided differently to their clients and clear language to communicate it, Studio Locale continued on to build their new visual brand.

Visual Identity

Creating a visual language first started with exploring how to present the full name MarshallZehr. From keeping its full written form to abstract representations, our pencils were busy sketching out possibilities. Ultimately the shortened MZ icon was chosen along with graphic elements created from the letter forms that would be used as treatments on most of their supporting materials including  photography styling, signage and office environment.


Of course with a new narrative and visual brand, comes the need for a new website. Working within their existing CMS, we visually refreshed all of the pages and updated them with new content.

A brand system to play with:

We continue to have a lot of fun building out the MarshallZehr visual brand, designing t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, mugs and water bottles for them. We think the MarshallZehr team is having a lot of fun too!


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