Clear Results
Identity and packaging for a home drug test


Clear Results

Clear Results is a new, Canadian owned and operated company that focuses on offering the latest and best selection of at home drug tests. Whether a concerned family member or an individual wanting to know their status, Clear Results offers reliable, fast and confidential drug testing that can be conducted right from home.

Visual Identity and Packaging

Starting with the identity, the final visual mark shows the clean, clear and medically responsible features of Clear Results’ products. The supporting brand elements developed reflects the simplicity and ease of using the tests. For the packaging development, it was vital to clearly communicate that all six tests are part of the same company but offer different drug testing options. A system was created that was reflected of the brand, stood out on a drugstore shelf and answers the question “Will this test tell me what I need to know?” quickly and accurately.

“Working with Phil and his team is like being in a room with (talented) friends. They understand what you’re trying to say, even when you aren’t sure how to put it. They are never closed off, hear our insights and thoughts, respect the process, and understand our needs. Then, POOF – they manage to create what you’ve been imagining for your product all along.”

Sandra Sualim, Director, Marketing Communications


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