Canadian Malnutrition Task Force
Visual identity, marketing, and awareness materials for Canadian Malnutrition Week



Canadian Malnutrition Task Force

The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force (CMTF) is a group of clinicians, decision-makers, and investigators forming a standing committee of the Canadian Nutrition Society. Their mission is to reduce malnutrition by promoting nutrition care knowledge and optimal practice focused on preventing, detecting and treating malnutrition in Canadians.


Partnering with PAUL Consulting Inc. to develop each year’s theme and video script, the Studio Locale team was brought in to develop the visuals for the required materials, building on the momentum and awareness from the previous year.

Creating an Experience

Across all of the materials for the event, that included posters, videos, taste test tool kits, web banners and event resources and swag, we developed and maintained a consistent visual look and feel while providing a refreshed experience. The result is familiar, yet different, visual experiences that breathe new life each year for the conference week attendees and the CMTF team.

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