Our first open giveback project

WorkNovember 20, 20232 Minutes

Our first official ‘open’ project is complete!

We have been supporting not-for-profit organizations since our beginning. Whether donating items, funds, and time, we believe we all can help different organizations looking to make a positive impact. 

This year, we made a formal commitment to our community and introduced open – our giveback program that supports organizations supporting movements and causes specifically around youth, equality, and the environment. (You can learn more about open on this page.)

Our first official ‘open’ project saw us partnering with the Somali Canadian Association of Waterloo Region (SCAWR). SCAWR is an organization that helps new Somali Canadians navigate a new community, as well as provides youth programming. They were looking for help to share their achievements and stories within an annual report and regular newsletters. 

Working with the team was such a pleasure! With all of their content ready to go, our team could design the digital annual report and newsletter templates, providing them with valuable, reusable communications tools. Being able to connect with your members, partners, and potential donors is critical for any not-for-profit. Staying connected helps promote services, celebrate success stories, and thank supporters, encouraging more engagement across the entire community. 

We are so grateful that our first open project was with SCAWR! Faduma and her team have such amazing energy that really inspired us. We are thankful to have learned about SCAWR and the amazing impact they are making on the lives of their members and our community! 

We will be accepting applications for 2024’s open project soon. Watch our instagram page for more details.