The SL team has always been passionate about social and environmental issues and is committed to doing what we can to support those organizations working to make our world a better place. As a studio, we focus our giveback efforts to help organizations supporting movements as well as causes specifically around youth, equality and the environment.

To do that we believe we need to foster communities where we all:

Open our ears

to hear the experience and stories of others so that we can understand their pain, struggles, and realities.

Open our eyes

to see the impact climate change has across the globe, especially in the vulnerable communities.

Open our minds

so that we can work together to move towards a world where we can all have a place, feel safe and can thrive.

Open our hearts

to the pain as motivation to its end.

Each year, the studio supports a different not-for-profit organization by donating our time and expertise to help promote their program. Projects can range from developing a brand identity to creating communications materials such as brochures, annual reports, and websites. If you are an organization that works to support youth, equality or social responsibility, is located in southwestern Ontario and is interested in partnering with us, you are eligible for open. We are accepting applications for 2024 now and we look forward to seeing your application for open!

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Some tips for your open application

Have a clear objective.

Our goal is to produce a solution that will communicate YOUR message effectively. Having a clear goal or objective in mind for what this project should accomplish will help us determine what exactly your organization needs.

Be specific.

Please describe your design and/or communication needs as clearly as possible. Providing as much information as you can allows us to determine which organizations we can effectively help through this giveback program. Projects will be selected based on the quality of your responses.

Have your content ready.

Not right now of course. But in order for our team to be able to complete this project in a timely matter, we will need all content to be ready at least 2 weeks before the start date. This gives us time to go over everything and make sure we are good to go.

Our first open project is complete!

We designed and developed a digital annual report for the Somali Canadian Association of Waterloo Region. The online report allows SCAWR to share all of their success stories from the year, share results in both English and Somali, and easily update the report each year.

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