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Mandioca Case Study

A new brand to express the flare of Brazilian tradition

SWR year end report inside pages

Sustainable Waterloo Region Case Study

Sharing success stories that inspire and lead sustainable activities

Pioneer Craftsmen Case Study

Breathing new life to an established brand

Understanding SEO basics

Maxwell Foods Case Study

Packaging updates for the Canadian market

Collage created from Studio Locale wordmark

Scrolling on your website can improve user experience

Finding the right balance in the amount of information on your website.

Martin Luther Case Study

A new name in need of a new visual brand

Illustration of the Studio Locale building with all the lights on in the windows

We’re Growing

The Studio Locale team is growing and we’re excited to offer our customers more services and expertise than ever before.

I Felt Like It – Intuition in Graphic Design

The unique skills designers bring to the table and why you should care.

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