Improving Google Ads Campaign Results

ArticlesJune 7, 20235 Minutes

Not happy with your Google Ads campaign results?

The reality of your company appearing at the top for an online search these days is that you need to pay to rank. This makes the ongoing management of your Google Ads campaign a priority on your to-do list. And while you want to rank in one of the top positions, you don’t want to have to throw more money at it than you need to. So, how do you make sure your Google Ads campaign is providing you with the results you want, at a price point you can manage?

Let’s start by looking at the metrics that are usually a good indicator that your Google Ads campaign may not be running effectively.

Your Google Ads are not showing

Your ads are not showing on the search engine results page while you try to search for the relevant keywords

Not seeing the volume of leads you’d like

Your monthly Google Ads report is showing impressions but your click through and conversion rates are low.

Receiving a lot of leads but the quality isn’t there

Your sales team is receiving leads but the contact profile doesn’t align with your target customer. 

Your keywords list is huge

In an attempt to hit all of the possible keywords, you’ve included every possible keyword, essentially casting a very large net that’s not catching the leads you want.

How you can improve your results

Keyword review

A close review of your keyword list, as it relates to what your target audience would be searching for, will help your ads present to the right audience at the right time. Just as important as your targeted keywords are those that should be on your negative keywords list. Make sure you include only search terms that align best with your ideal customer.

Updating negative keywords

Negative keywords let you exclude irrelevant search terms from your campaigns and help focus on only the high quality keywords that drive results to your business. Updating negative keywords regularly will save budget on Google Ads, as they will enable you to attract the right  leads and avoid searches that have low chance to convert.

Target specific locations

Be specific with the locations you want to show your ads to and select the exact areas that your business is serving. That will help increase conversions and help use your ad budget in an effective way.

Improve the ad quality

Ad quality is evaluated on a number of factors: how relevant your ad text is to search intent, how likely users are to click your ad and the quality of users’ experience once they land on your website. Ads that closely align with the intent of the search query are highly likely to receive more clicks.

Bid strategy

Determining a bid strategy that best serves your business goals is one of the key factors that impacts the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. Whether you want to build brand awareness, lead traffic to your website, increase brand consideration, or encourage customers to take a direct action on your site, the right bidding strategy is crucial.

Website content and user experience

It may be that your ads are presenting at the right moments, but the supporting content on your website isn’t convincing enough for them to get past the first page, fill out your contact form, or call. User experience on the landing page can have a huge impact on your Google ads effectiveness. The better your website content, the less likely users will bounce off the landing page without taking action. With more useful information and a better experience, the better your ad quality score will be, which helps your ad show in a higher position.

Feels like too much?

Our team can help! We’ll manage all of these campaign components and considerations for you. Each month, we’ll provide you with a summary of results and actions taken during the month to optimize the campaign. We also provide recommendations for additional tactics to improve the campaign performance so you are not wasting your money.

Reach out and our Google Ads experts will be happy to talk next steps!