GoRight Case Study

June 14, 2021In WorkBy Studio Locale

Developing a visual brand language and elevated marketing materials

The Backstory:

GoRight, headquartered in Kitchener, emerged as a full solution, end-to-end fleet maintenance and management company after years of first hand experience and data collection servicing Wabash Canada trailers. Through a number of owned and operated locations, as well as a large affiliate network, GoRight was ready to exponentially grow their client base across North America.

In addition to their maintenance services, GoRight has developed proprietary software that enables their clients to better manage their fleet maintenance costs from cradle to grave. Using the years of data collected servicing Wabash trailers, GoRight is able to provide standard service rates, preventative maintenance schedules, and on road services while also providing their clients with full insight into the overall cost effectiveness of their fleet over the lifetime of each asset.

Without an in-house marketing team however, GoRight’s struggle was to clearly communicate the advantages of their services over other fleet maintenance companies, and present them in a format that would resonate with some of the largest fleet owners across Canada and the US.

What We Delivered:

Our team started with a few sales sheets that were needed quickly to support their new sales team in eastern Canada. Working with Thinkslinger who developed all of the content, we began to establish a visual language for GoRight beyond what they had (which included pretty much just the logo and one colour), creating a brand system that would be extended and carried forward into other marketing materials. As previous materials were created in PowerPoint, these first few pieces instantly presented GoRight as more than just your average maintenance shop. GoRight is a company that takes fleet management seriously, understanding just how important smart maintenance is to the bottom line and to meeting client service agreements.

With the sales sheets in the hands of their reps, the next piece was an in-depth overview of GoRight’s complete service offering to be used as a leave behind following initial sales meetings. This piece needed to provide a summary of all the various services offered, from maintenance packages, on road breakdown services, communications, data analysis, and reporting – all which was no small feat! The resulting booklet (or bible as we referred to it!) introduced prospects to the unique value offered by GoRight and all of the possible solutions they could offer for end-to-end fleet management.

Finally, with the addition of a shiny new presentation template, the team had what they needed to hit the road! (See all that we delivered here)

The Results:

GoRight has been actively pursuing larger contracts all across North America and the sales team now feels confident presenting all prospects with their sales materials. Each piece clearly articulates the service and value GoRight offers its clients and reflects the level of professionalism that GoRight provides within their maintenance and management services. They have been boldly reaching out to a wide range of trucking fleets and introducing GoRight to them!

Clients in turn understand GoRight’s unique value proposition and how partnering with them can help reduce their overall fleet management costs. The advantage of choosing GoRight for their fleet maintenance and management services are clear.




Brand development, marketing materials, UI/UX

Project team

Erynn Hayden
Phil Mondor
Robin Mondor