Digital marketing to improve sales

ArticlesApril 11, 20234 Minutes

Leads or sales down? How digital marketing can help

Looking for ways to boost sales leads? Digital marketing may be able to help. There are a number of different tactics that you can use to present digital ads and communications to potential customers – both before they need your services, or right at the moment when they are looking for help. 

Digital marketing will:

Present your brand at the moment where your prospective customer is looking for a solution

Present your brand as a solution for a specific problem you can help solve

Present your brand before your services are needed to build brand awareness

The most common digital marketing tools include:

Google Ads

Usually the first obvious tactic that companies will identify is Google Ads. Creating a Google Ads campaign that targets customers looking specifically for your services. It presents your solution at the moment they need it. They have already identified a problem, know that they need outside help to solve it, and are ready to invest. Creating and then managing your Google Ads campaign can help feed your sales funnel and build overall brand awareness. Not sure where to start? You can learn more on how to improve your Google Ads campaign from our team here.

Digital Banner Ads

Digital banner ads are an excellent tool for building brand recognition. You can control the sites ads are shown on, when they appear, and how frequently they are presented. Selecting the right approach that matches your target audience will build brand awareness over time. Banner ads can also be presented to match when your potential customers are looking for your products or services. Similar to Google Ads, you can also control the geographic area for where the ads are shown, so you are presenting ads only to customers you can actually support. 

Social Media Ads

Depending on your product or service, social media ads can be an effective way to connect with prospective customers. Understanding your target audience and which social channels they are actively using, you can determine if it’s worth your marketing budget to run ads on social channels. (Some social media platforms are also struggling to be seen as trustworthy, so something else to consider before adding social to your media mix.)

Email marketing

When done well, email marketing can be an effective way to keep in touch with your customers, encourage engagement, and keep brand awareness top of mind. There are a few different strategies you can use to approach your email content. Whether you use it for updates on products or services, insights on industry trends or challenges, or loyalty offers, it’s a good way to connect with your audience. And with brand-owned platforms seen as more trustworthy compared to other social media channels, email can be a strong element in your media mix. (Not to mention cost effective!)

With the right mix of digital marketing and advertising, you can build a healthy sales funnel for your sales team. If you are curious what that might look like for your organization, we’d be happy to help you develop a media mix plan and calendar to get you started!